How We Try to Be More Sustainable

Harrys Dog Bakery

We are all doing our bit for the planet, at Harry’s Dog Bakery we are trying to be as sustainable as possible. Here are a few things we have succeeded in.

  • One of our most popular dog treats is the Peanut Butter Bones, for these, we use Meridian Peanut Butter, which has no palm oil.
  • We use apples, carrots, oats, and rapeseed oil these are either locally sourced or from somewhere in Ireland.
  • For our online deliveries, we re-use banana boxes, they are always in great condition, clean and strong.
  • The outer packaging for our treats is recyclable.
  • Our ovens and mixers are re-conditioned second hand and in perfect working order.

We have not got there yet! More to do. What’s next?

Recently we went to an event ran by @Enterprise Ireland. It was information on how we can improve on our packaging and very informative and interesting.

We want to replace the bag that holds our dog treats. We could use biodegradable bags, what we didn’t know was that, if it’s not put into a compost bin it takes the same length of time to break down as plastic!

One of our main ingredients is brown rice flour, currently, this comes from the UK, we are in talks with one of the large Irish flour companies to see if they are able to provide us with the flour, fingers crossed.

We are no experts when it comes to this, we would gladly take any advice or recommendations you have, please let us know!