Dog Food for a Sensitive Stomach

Having over 30 years’ experience in the food industry, it made sense to take the task in hand, with Harry’s sensitive stomach. I needed bribery for my hairy child for re-call and praise; with no products available to him, I got to it!

I didn’t want just any kind of dog biscuit I wanted one with high quality ingredients and one with health benefits. Where possible I use locally sourced ingredients Armagh apples, Donegal rapeseed oil, Irish oats and carrots.

From a small village in Co Monaghan. We individually hand cut each dog treat, they are then slowly baked to give that perfect crunch. You can choose from 5 dog treat flavours, and I am very excited to have 3 new products this year. Your happy dog’s tails will be wagging and you know you are giving them the best, baked with love treat on the market.