Dog’s with Pancreatitis

I speak to so many people, that there dog has been diagnosed with Pancreatitis.  It’s heartbreaking when your pooch is unwell.

The condition happens when the pancreas organ becomes inflamed. Symptoms such as low body temperature; irregular heartbeat; breathing difficulty; no energy; vomiting and no appetite.  You should take your dog to the vets, if they are showing some of these symptoms for more than a day.

It is seen in certain breeds, older or overweight dogs, dogs on a fatty diet, a side effect from a drug or sometimes it can be hard to tell what triggered it.

Your vet will give pain relief and will recommend a low fat diet; this will give the pancreas a rest. It can be short lived or for a longer period of time.

I spoke to a lady the other day, she wanted to know if our treats were suitable, a treat should be about 1% fat content, the lowest in fat of our treats is the Sweet Potato Munchies at 2.6%. Yes, we have dogs that are eating these, that have Pancreatitis; but you must take the nutritional information to your vets first to check if they are happy with them. This information can be found on our web site. Hope this helps!