10 Reasons to Groom Your Dog   

1.The inside of your dog’s ears are coated with hair, which if left uncut can cause ear infections and painful inflammation.

2. If a dog is given a bath before it has its coat properly brushed there is a chance that the moisture can cause pin knots. These knots are difficult to remove and can make the whole experience unpleasant and painful for your dog.

3.If a dog’s nails are allowed to grow too long then it can become uncomfortable for them to walk. As a result they are forced to walk on the sides of their feet, which can contribute towards them developing arthritis in later life.

4. A coat that has become matted is the perfect environment for ticks and fleas to breed.

5. Failure to clean the anal glands can mean that this area is the ideal place for fleas to nest.

6. Trimming the hair around your dog’s genitals and bum helps to maintain their personal hygiene and also ensure that they will not bring any unwelcome presents into the home.

7. When a dog is too warm it will pant in order to cool down. If its coat is too long then the cooling effect will be somewhat lessened. Dogs also sweat through the pads on their paws to stay cool; if they are covered in long hair it can also have a negative impact on their ability to stay cool.

8. Where a dog’s eyes are left uncared for, crust can build up in the corners. Not only can this be uncomfortable for your dog – it can also hide and contribute to more serious conditions, such as eyesores.

9. Cleaning your dog’s teeth is one of the most important grooming tasks that you can undertake and yet one of the most overlooked. Whilst chews will go some way to remove the build-up of plaque and tarter, nothing does the job as efficiently as a good brush. Where teeth are not properly cleaned it can lead to infections, which in turn can cause more serious health issues, including liver and kidney damage and even heart failure.

10. Finally, dogs are actually much more sensitive and self-aware than some owners realise. If they look great and feel great; a dog’s general mental wellbeing is often much improved.