A Healthy Start To The New Year!

It’s that time of year again, when everyone is on a health kick.

I was listening to Ciara Kelly on @Newstalk today; its day fifteen of a fitness initiative, #100daysof walking. Fantastic idea, well done!

For us dog owners, do we not already walk 365 days?  Ok, my confession, not always! It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does “yes” I feel guilty??

I have my reasons, late home from work, and its dark (we live in a rural area), the good old Irish weather but worst of all, “I’m too lazy” which is really silly, we all know how good exercise is for our mental and physical health, and once you do it you feel great.

We are lucky, there is a small forest at my mothers, and the dogs can run free and are completely safe, they roughly get 45-60 minutes.  I do find it hard to lead walk with two dogs especially when one is 27 kilo.

While exercise is needed, a healthy diet is so important.  I get asked a lot what I give my dogs. I weight out there good quality dry food every day, this guide can be found on the packaging, once you know the weight of your dog (any veterinary practice will weight your dog at no charge)

Sometimes I give them a couple of chicken chunks on top of their food.  To keep them busy while I’m at work I put some of Harry’s Dog Bakery treats into a @Kong, normally stocked in any good pet shops, it takes them ages to get them out, by knocking it over and over with their nose. I also freeze carrot sticks, it takes them ages to eat plus it’s great for cleaning their teeth.

To all you dog owners, keep up the great work, enjoy your walks and healthy diets, but most of all enjoy all the cuddles and sloppy kisses from your pooch.