Two days ago I was in the back garden, fireworks went off in the distance, my two dogs bolted for the kitchen and straight under the table. Poor pets!

Dogs are scared of fireworks the show signs of stress by excessive panting, yawning or simply just making a run for it. Be prepared in advance.  Here are a few simple tips to help!

  • Feed, exercise and make sure they have water before it get gets dark and the fireworks start.
  • Play some music or put the TV on to drown out the noise.
  • Close all windows and pull the curtains.
  • Never tie your dog up or leave them in the garden or car.
  • Check the microchip is up to date and they are wearing their ID tag.
  • Stay at home with your dog, alone will increase uneasiness. Distract them by playing with a toy or make a safe den for them.
  • Give them affection and comfort if they look for it. (We do that anyway 🙂 but you can never get enough!)