Feeding dog

In one word “Yes”!

OK, this is not intentional, as you already know I have one dog, with a very sensitive stomach and is restricted with his diet. My other dog Jessie needs to stick to the same diet as Harry.

Growing up in the ’70s and ’80s our dogs were fed the human scraps, only posh people bought dog food.

Having researched dog foods and dog treats, sooooo many have a lot of “crap” in them, full of additives. preservatives, sugar, salt and fat, do our dogs need these?? NO!

Then when I go grocery shopping with my husband, why do I not stop him from putting processed food and sweet things in the trolley, which have the same nasties as some dog foods and treats! He does not eat them very often as I cook most of our food from fresh, I think I’ll have to disguise Harry’s treats and put them in his biscuit tin, he has good teeth!

What tips do you have when feeding your hairy child and loving husband!!!